Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Rio Free Walking Tour started its journey by taking the national and international tourist, including the resident of Rio itself, to know the history of Brazil through the Historic Center of Rio de Janeiro, which for around 200 years was the capital of Brazil. RFWTours has emerged from the need for the Rio Free Walking Tour to expand it self without losing its commitment to quality and to bring culture and entertainment to its customers.

We offer two great tours as gift to our Marvelous City, such as:

  1. The traditional daily walk in Downtown and Lapa Historic Tour;
  2. The African’s Heritage and Dock’s Tour, revitalized old area of the city and considered as the great legacy of the Olympic games and. 

In addition to these tours, RFWTours offers many other services, such as private tours, educational tours, corporate tours, transfers, by night, favela and beach tours, samba schools, carnival serving not only the final client, but also providing services and assistance to other agencies in Brazil and abroad, always providing a great experience in this city that we love! 

We do not charge, but we ask for a conscious contribution for the service of the guide.

Join RFWTours - Rio Free Walking Tour Group, the guides wearing yellow t-shirts and umbrellas!

Welcome to our family!


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