Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Rio Free Walking Tour began its journey four years ago taking the national and international tourist to understand the history of Brazil through the Historical Center of Rio de Janeiro. A part of the city that for more than 200 years was the capital of Brazil. The commitment to bring culture and entertainment to people continues to be our main motivation, today with the traditional daily tour in the Historic Center and the tour of the revitalized port area, Docks tour, which is the great legacy of the Olympic Games 2016 to the city.

In addition to two great free tours that we give to our Marvelous City, Rio Free offers other services, always looking out for the highest quality possible.

Join our free tours and our services like private tours, transfers, by night, trails and adventures, favela, samba schools, carnival, parties and events, always trying to provide our customer with a great experience in this city we love so much!

Join Rio Free Walking Tour - the guides wearing yellow t-shirts and umbrellas!


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